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First, there was Spring Barnyard Stack...

Then there was Summer Barnyard Stack...

and now, we also have Autumn Barnyard Stack!

These little barnyard friends are ready for fall!

This whimsical design is embellished with a sheep holding a small banner, a cow on a grassy hill, a chicken standing on a pumpkin, and a bat flying past a crescent moon. The piece is topped with a fenced-in pumpkin and some little black birds under a starry sky. This pattern suggests using shades of gray, black, brown, green, orange, yellow and white.

PATTERN DETAILS: This design suggests threads from Weeks Dye Works, Classic Colorworks and DMC. The design is stitched entirely with whole stitches. The model was stitched over 2 on 32ct Taupe Slushee Evenweave (from Fabric Flair) using 2 ply thread. The stitch count is 71w x 92h and measures approximately 4 3/8"w x 5 7/8"h when stitched on that fabric.

FABRIC TIP: If you cannot find Taupe Slushee fabric, a good substitute would be any fabric in an ecru or off-white shade. Taupe Slushee is close to DMC 3866 or DMC 05, so anything that matches those colors would also work well with the suggested floss colors. You may have to change certain thread colors to help all the elements "pop" if you opt to stitch this design on certain shades of gray or beige. RECREATE THE LOOK: I finished this design as a mounted flat. To do this, I started by cutting two pieces of backing board. The first one was cut with 1/2" margins around the stitched piece. The second one was cut with 1" margins around the first piece of backing board. (That translates to 1 1/2" margins around the stitched piece.) I padded the first piece of backing board using Aleens Tacky Glue and Warm and White craft batting. Once the padding was adhered, dry, and trimmed with my rotary cutter, I wrapped my stitched design around the padded side and used more Aleen's Tacky Glue to adhere it on the back.

I did not pad the second piece of backing board. Instead, I just wrapped it in green homespun plaid (Hobby Lobby) and used more Aleens Tacky glue to adhere the fabric on the back. This is what the cut backing board looked like after the fabric pieces were glued on.

Normally, I will make 2 identical larger pieces of backing board (instead of just one), wrap them both in fabric, and glue them wrong sides together so that the finished product has a polished front and a back, but I needed the back of this piece to be "raw" because I am going to be using it for a demonstration in a future video.

Once everything was dry, I used hot glue to adhere jute cording from Hobby Lobby to the cross stitch piece...

...and then I hot glued the entire thing onto the fabric-wrapped board.

Bow Details -- For the base bow, I used a 1.5" wire edge cow print ribbon that I found at Michelles ADOORable Creations on Etsy. I cut an 11" segment that would be shaped into a bow piece, and an 8" segment that would be shaped into a tail piece.

Here is the SKU:

For the smaller bow, I used a 3/8" orange grosgrain ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Here is the SKU:

For the bow centerpiece, I used the same homespun fabric that was used on the backing board to make a size 36 covered button from Dritz. (Size 36 = 7/8")

This is what they all looked like after I shaped them into their respective pieces:

I hot glued the cow print bow piece to the tail piece at the center pleat to create the base bow. I layered the orange bow and the covered button on top of the base bow, using hot glue to join them all together. The cow ribbon tails were clipped into an inverted V and the orange ribbon tails were clipped horizontally. I sealed the edges with Fray Check, and then used hot glue to adhere the completed bow onto my finish. I used wire cutters to clip a few sprigs of gold berries off a floral pick from Hobby Lobby and used hot glue to adhere them under the bow.

Here is the sku:

This was the result:

Hope that helps! As always, I'm here for you if you need help or have any questions. Happy Stitching!

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