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Blue House Neighborhood patriotic cross-stitch pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery. The design features blue houses surrounded by floral borders, centered around american flags and a star.

It's a little rustic, a little patriotic, and new for summer! I'm calling this pattern Blue House Neighborhood. The design features two blue houses, flags, floral elements, and a star. If you're like to coordinate your stitching, this one goes well with Sweet Land of Liberty.

PATTERN DETAILS: This pattern is stitched with whole stitches only. It calls for threads from Classic Colorworks, Weeks Dye Works, and DMC. The model was stitched on 32ct Doubloon linen from Picture this Plus. If you're unable to find Doubloon and need another suggestion, Vintage Country Mocha from Zweigart is a good alternative. The stitch count for this pieces is 167w x 49h, and the finished design measures approximately 10"w x 3"h when stitched on the suggested fabric.

This design is available in the Cherry Hill Stitchery Etsy shop, here. It will also be available at select retailers. A complete list of authorized Cherry Hill Stitchery Shops is here.


Fabric -- I wrapped my 2 larger pieces of chipboard in burgundy homespun from Hobby Lobby. You can find that fabric here. The SKU is 487421.

Blue polka dot fabric and wine colored homespun check fabric wrapped around backing board

I wrapped the smaller piece of chipboard in a blue scattered dot fabric. It is Kimberbell Basics Navy Scattered Dot, and the SKU is # MAS8210-N. I purchased mine at Fat Quarter Shop.

Cording -- I used 6 lengths of DMC floss to get the thickness of the cording. 4 of them are DMC 814, and 2 of them are DMC 815. I cut each length a generous 3x the perimeter of my mounted piece before spinning them all together with a Krienik corder.

Wine colored custom cording made from DMC floss.

When I stacked all of that together, this is what I had:

Close up corner view of the finish for Blue House Neighborhood, a cross-stitch pattern by Deanna Carter of Cherry Hill Stitchery.

Bow -- The photo below is all the schtuff it took to put the bow together. We'll go over it all in just a second, but I have to add a disclaimer first: There are sooooo many ways to make a bow. I make no claims that this is the right way or the only way...It's just how I did it. ;).

A photo with SKUs of ribbon spools, bow pieces, and berries used to make a bow for Blue House Neighborhood, a patriotic cross stitch pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery.

I did not reduce the resolution on this photo, so you should be able to click on it to make it larger if you'd like to get the SKU's.

The cream colored ribbon is a wire-edged 1.5" canvas ribbon that I found at 5th Street Studio on Etsy. It is currently not in stock, but that may be temporary. Check back :).

Close up including SKU of ivory ribbon spool used for making a bow.

The ribbon with the stars is a 1.5" wire-edge ribbon from I bought it June of 2020, and it was seasonal for the 4th of July.

Patriotic homemade bow for cross-stitch finish.  Red, white, and blue.

The small wine-colored ribbon that I wrapped around the center and hot glued in place (to hide the floral wire tying the base bows together) is a 3/8" grosgrain ribbon. It is Ribbon Boutique brand from Hobby Lobby. View of the back where it is glued for the curious

How Cherry Hill Stitchery covers wire on a homemade bow for a cross stitch finish.

Before I move on, just an FYI about wrapping the center of a bow. That step isn't always necessary, but because this bow is stacked with multiple layers and wire-wrapped, it is pretty tall and pretty exposed. I couldn't really hide the "ugly" parts of the bow with a centerpiece on the front alone. Usually, when you wrap the center, you pick a piece of ribbon that matches the rest of the bow. Since this is a multi-colored bow, I considered the colors at play and ultimately decided to use a shade that would fade into the shadows under the centerpiece and that would also blend with the finish fabric. The cream-colored ribbon that I used to make the small bow on top was also a 3/8" grosgrain Ribbon Boutique find from Hobby Lobby.

Steps for making a stacked bow for a cross stitch finish.

The maroon button that I used as a centerpiece is 7/8" tall and came in a bulk button pack from Hobby Lobby. It's been sitting in a jar in my stash for a while, so I do not have the SKU. Really though, you can use anything that looks good to you as the centerpiece. I turned the two holes in the middle to be vertical so they wouldn't make the button look like a little piggy snout on my finish, and then just used hot glue to put it all together.

Close up of patriotic bow made for cross stitch finish.

Ta-da! Stacked together. Tall/thicker bows are beautiful, but it can be tricky to get the scale right when you stack them on top of a finish that is flat. When a bow is really tall like that, I like to use florals to help balance it all out. The floral I used on the model this time are berries from Hobby Lobby. These were a fall find in 2020, so I am not sure if they were seasonal, but the SKU is on the tag. If you're trying to Google something similar, I'd look specifically for pip berries. They are a little more narrow and come in colors that would work very will with the suggested floss colors.

Close up of price and SKU for shiny red pip berries.

I used wire cutters to trim off some of the stems, and then hot glued those pieces underneath the bow where I wanted them. Once the glue had cooled and they were secure, I took advantage of their wire structure and bent them to lay a little better for me.

One more time, here is how it came together.

Pattern cover for patriotic Blue House Neighborhood cross-stitch pattern from Cherry Hill Stitchery

I hope you enjoy!

If you stitch this and want to share your finish on social media, I'd love it if you also used the hashtag #CherryHillStitchery. Thank you!


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