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FREEBIE -- #BeWellAndStitch

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

What a year this week has been! Right?! My family had planned to be at Disneyland right now for spring break, which obviously is not happening. YouTube to the rescue! Did y'all know you can watch ride through videos of every.single.kiddie.Disneyland ride? True Story. We're totally doing the virtual vacay thing with our Disney tees and Mickey ears while we keep ourselves in a Lysol bubble at home. Also, Josh Gad is reading us bedtime stories on Twitter (#GadBookClub). Audible is offering free stories (, and zoos around the country have been streaming fun little animal shows (#animalsathome). There are silver linings to be found somewhere in here!

Anyway, in light of the crazytown that the world has suddenly become, I wanted to release my next design as a freebie. I hope that you can add this to your personal list of silver linings. My heart is with those of you who are finding yourselves sick or worried about your loved ones and your jobs. I'm worried too <3. Truly, we are all in this together. I'd say it was time for a group hug, but... germs. A free pattern will have to do! A couple of things first. 1.) The pattern is a .pdf file, so you'll need to have a .pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view it. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.) 2.) If you stitch the piece, please be sure to use hashtag #cherryhillstitchery and #bewellandstitch. 3.) This website is still under construction, but since Etsy doesn't allow freebies, I am going "live" a little earlier than planned so I can get this pattern to you with plenty of time to stitch before Easter. Apologies for the mess! (You can still see the entire CHS pattern line by clicking on the Etsy link above.) 4.) Reach out to your favorite needlework shop for supplies. I listed finishing options on the pattern, including SKU's wherever possible, for the things they don't usually carry.

Thanks, and please take care of yourselves out there!


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