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This design instantly transports me to corn mazes, pumpkin picking, and crisp autumn air.

As stitched, the pattern uses shades of orange, green, brown, blue, yellow, black and gray. It calls for 100% DMC threads and uses whole stitches only. WHERE TO BUY: This pattern can be purchased directly from me, in the Cherry Hill Stitchery Etsy shop. It can also be purchased from your favorite participating online retailer. RECREATE THE LOOK: The model was finished as a mounted flat, because I'm more than obsessed with the fusion of all my crafty loves in one single piece. The supplies I used for each element are listed below. Bow: The brown bow is made from a 1.5" brown burlap ribbon that was found at The green bow is made from a 3/8" emerald green grosgrain ribbon that was found at Hobby Lobby.

I cut a 16 inch strip for the green bow. For the brown bow, I cut an 11 inch strip for the "bow" piece and an 8 inch strip for the "tail" piece. I shaped them using the method I show you in my bow tutorial so they looked like this...

...and then stacked them, using hot glue to join them together. I also topped the bow off with a 7/8 inch orange button that came out of a bulk orange button pack from Hobby Lobby. I use Fray Check to seal the edges of all my ribbons.

Padding: There is Warm and White natural craft batting hiding under the stitching. I don't like to layer my stitching directly on a hard surface when I do my finishing, because it will never ever lay perfectly smooth without some padding. There's just more "stuff" where there are threads, and to my eye it needs that little extra cushion to look polished.

As an FYI, when I say "mounted, stitched piece," ^^this^^ is what I mean.

Cording: I used a Krienik Cording Drill to spin the cording using DMC threads. To get the thickness, I used 8 lengths of the full 6 ply DMC. To get the length I needed, each piece of 6-ply DMC was cut a very loose 3x the perimeter of my stitched and mounted piece. I used 6 lengths of DMC 801 and 2 lengths of DMC 3031 to give the cording a slightly textured effect. I used hot glue to attach it.

(If you need help attaching the cording, I show you how I do it starting about halfway through this video--around the 15 minute mark.)

Fabric: The orange fabric is from Riley Blake. It is by Lori Holt (Bee Basics) and the SKU is C6400-Orange.


I left 1/2" margins around my stitching before I mounted it. The pieces wrapped in orange fabric have 1 1/2" margins around the mounted, stitched piece. I usually do 1" margins for the boards that are wrapped with fabric, but this design is visually busy. I made the edges slightly wider on the flat to tone it down a bit.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. There is a contact form at the bottom of the page here, or you can email You can also message me through the Cherry Hill Stitchery Facebook page, Instagram page, or Etsy shop. Happy Stitching!

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