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Are you ready for some more patriotic stitching?

Liberty cross stitch pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery featuring a bald eagle, flowers, and text that reads, "Liberty."

Liberty is the latest addition to the Cherry Hill Stitchery pattern line, and it would be perfect for all the patriotic holidays or as part of a year-round Americana display. The full text of the design reads "Liberty." It features a bald eagle surrounded by greenery and flowers. The eagle is standing on the word "Liberty" and is wearing a floral neck piece. It is sized perfectly for display in a tiered tray, an ornament tree, or to display in a dough bowl along with other pillows.

As stitched, this design uses shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and white.

PATTERN DETAILS: This design suggests threads from DMC and Weeks Dye Works. DMC alternative suggestions are given for the Weeks Dye Works threads. It uses whole stitches only. The model was stitched on 28 ct. Winter Brew Linen from R&R Reproductions using 2 ply thread. The stitch count is 64w x 42h and measures approximately 4 3/8"w x 2 7/8"h when stitched on 28 count/equivalent.

FABRIC TIP: When choosing fabric, make sure you choose one that is dark enough to make the white threads stand out. I suggest mid tones.

FLOSS TIP: If you choose to stitch using overdyed floss and want to let the variegation shine, make sure you complete each X before moving on to the next one. I also suggest you stitch everything in the same direction (either stitch your rows side to side OR up and down--but not both!) That way, the variegated lines are cohesive.

One more time, here it is!

Cover for Liberty cross-stitch pattern by Cherry Hill Stitchery. This patriotic design features a bald eagle surrounded by flowers, standing on text that reads, "Liberty."

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