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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Are you ready for some more patriotic stitching?

Liberty is the latest addition to the Cherry Hill Stitchery pattern line, and it would be perfect for all the patriotic holidays or as part of a year-round Americana display. The full text of the design reads "Liberty." It features a bald eagle surrounded by greenery and flowers. The eagle is standing on the word "Liberty" and is wearing a floral neck piece. It is sized perfectly for display in a tiered tray, an ornament tree, or to display in a dough bowl along with other pillows.

As stitched, this design uses shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and white.

PATTERN DETAILS: This design suggests threads from DMC and Weeks Dye Works. DMC alternative suggestions are given for the Weeks Dye Works threads. It uses whole stitches only. The model was stitched on 28 ct. Winter Brew Linen from R&R Reproductions using 2 ply thread. The stitch count is 64w x 42h and measures approximately 4 3/8"w x 2 7/8"h when stitched on 28 count/equivalent.

FABRIC TIP: When choosing fabric, make sure you choose one that is dark enough to make the white threads stand out. I suggest mid tones.

FLOSS TIP: If you choose to stitch using overdyed floss and want to let the variegation shine, make sure you complete each X before moving on to the next one. I also suggest you stitch everything in the same direction (either stitch your rows side to side OR up and down--but not both!) That way, the variegated lines are cohesive. RECREATE THE LOOK: I'm assuming you have watched my 3 part class on how I do mounted flats when I share these directions. If these directions don't make sense to you, you can watch the videos here. That said, here are the specifics for my "Liberty" finish:

Backing Board Details -- I cut 4 pieces of backing board for this mounted flat finish. One was for the actual cross stitch piece, one was for the red and white striped fabric, and two were for the blue polka dot fabric (Two, because I needed one to be front facing and one to be back facing.) If you are duplicating what I did, hopefully these measurements will help you: The smallest piece (for the actual cross stitch piece) was cut 5 3/8"w x 3 7/8"h. The piece for the red and white striped fabric was cut 6 3/8"w x 4 7/8"h. The two pieces used for the blue dot fabric were cut 8 3/8"w x 6 7/8"h.

Fabric Details -- I can't tell you what the red and white striped fabric is, because I pulled it from my stash, but I think any red and white fabric would be so cute on that middle layer! I could see using red and white ticking, red and white stars, red and white gingham, etc. The red and white fabric was cut to 8 3/8"w x 6 7/8"h before wrapping it around its cut of backing board. The blue dot fabric is Essential Dots by Moda Fabric, SKU 8654-25. It can be found here. I cut both of the blue dot pieces to be 10 3/8"w x 8 7/8"h before wrapping them around their respective cuts of backing board. (You'll need two pieces of the blue fabric. One for the front facing side and one for the back.)

Cording Details -- The cording was made with my Kreinik Corder. I used six lengths of floss to get that thickness, and the color was DMC White. My tutorial showing you how I spin floss into cording is found here. Bow Details - The ribbons for the bow came from both Walmart and Hobby Lobby. The white grosgrain ribbon is 1 1/2" wide and is Offray brand. The navy blue grosgrain ribbon and the gold flecked ribbon are both 5/8" and are also both from Offray. All 3 Offray brand ribbons were found at Walmart. The red and ivory checked ribbon is 3/8" wide and is Ribbon Boutique brand from Hobby Lobby.

My bow tutorial is here, and hopefully this next part will make sense if you have watched it. ;) I cut an 11" strip of the white grosgrain ribbon and a slightly-longer-than-11" strip of the gold offray ribbon. I folded and glued the white ribbon into the start of a bow piece, but before shaping the middle into the pleat, I glued the gold ribbon along the center seam to the white ribbon. (I didn't measure the gold segment; I just wrapped it around the start of the white bow piece and snipped it long enough to glue on the seam created from the first step in shaping the white bow.) Once the white and gold ribbon were attached to each other, I shaped them jointly into a single bow piece using the method I demonstrate in the tutorial linked above. I cut the navy ribbon and red check ribbon to 14", and then used the "awareness ribbon method" from the tutorial to shape the separately into bows. I stacked the white and gold piece on the bottom, the navy blue bow in the middle, and the red check bow on top and then hot glued them all together. I clipped the tails to size before sealing them with Fray Check. I also used hot glue to add a 1" brown wooden button in the center. The button came from a Walmart bulk button pack. To finish the model, I trimmed two pieces from a Mainstays red berry pick (seasonal, from Walmart) and hot glued them under the bow.

This was the result!

As always, I would be happy to help you with any specific questions. Don't be a stranger if you have a question! I'd love to help if you get stuck. Email me at WHERE TO BUY Thanks for stopping by!

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