Updated: Dec 1, 2020

In honor of Covid19, I designed a silly unWelcome sign for my fellow germaphobes! Since laughter is the best medicine, I hope this goofy stitch is good for what ails you ;).

I promise I am not going to get in the habit of lots of free patterns (you *probably* won't see another this year) but since the world is a little crazypants right now, I think we can be a little crazypants too. Together. Now, I did not put floss suggestions on the chart because my thinking was that you would probably pull from stash since new floss is getting harder to come by. I charted it with light and dark pink for the roses and borders, light and dark green for the leaves, and then blue and yellow for the other little flowers. However, if you do need suggestions, I would try DMC 600 for the dark pink, DMC 603 for the light pink, DMC 909 for the dark green, DMC 912 for the light green, DMC 517 for the blue, and DMC 743 for the yellow. Really though, pull from whatever you have in your stash or feel free to swap those colors out for whatever strikes your fancy!

Click here for the .pdf file:

Temporarily Unwelcome
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