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Looking for help finishing your stitching the same way I finish my models? You are in the right place!
Scroll down for the tutorials I created to help you out.


  • These videos only teach the method. If you want to know what the materials are on a specific model (meaning the fabric, cording, ribbon, etc) click on the Cross Stitch Pattern Menu above to go to the page where the designs are listed. Click on the specific design that you are curious about, and then scroll down on that design's page until you get to the section of the text that starts with "RECREATE THE LOOK". Specific materials as well as sources (when available) are listed there.

  • Although you certainly can finish larger pieces this way, the method I show you is easier with smaller pieces.

  • If you are nervous about the learning curve, I'd suggest practicing on a fabric remnant with no stitching or a smaller piece to start.

  • If you are looking for a way to finish a piece that is meant to be an heirloom, I would suggest professional framing from a framer who is experienced in preserving needlework. 

This method is a little bit of a process, so I broke the videos up into bite-sized chunks. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always happy to help. Click here to email me.

Good Luck!


Step 1: How to Mount a Cross-Stitched Piece on Backing Board

Step 2: Attaching Cording and Making Fabric Sandwiches

This video just shows you how I attach cording to a flat. It does not show you how to make the cording. Making the cording has its own video below.

Step 3: Easy, No-Sew Bows For Cross Stitch Finishing

MISCELLANEOUS: Covered Buttons


MISCELLANEOUS: Making Ribbon Rosettes

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