The text of this design reads, "There is no footprint so small that it does not leave an imprint on this world."

The pattern suggests shades of teal, peach, brown, yellow, green and white. It is embellished with owls on branches, hearts, swirls, as well as some graphic elements. This design suggests DMC threads and contains only whole stitches. The model was stitched over 2 on 32ct Natural Linen using 2 ply thread.

FABRIC TIP: If you plan to use the suggested thread colors, make sure that the fabric you choose is dark enough to make the white elements stand out. I recommend mid-tones.

ONE MORE THING... After I initially released this pattern, I had so many requests to turn it into a birth sampler that I went ahead and made an add-on. The addition adds one checkered row and gives you some alphabet/numbers, along with a place to sketch in your information before you stitch. The addition adds approximately 28 stitches to the height of the pattern, which is about 2 inches if you are stitching on 14ct. fabric.

I penciled in an angel's name and birthday (with her mom's permission) so that you can see what the addition looks like with the rest of the pattern.

The addition is available as a .pdf at no charge and can be downloaded here:

Leave an Imprint Birth Sampler Addition
Download • 2.99MB

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