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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"United We Stand" wraps up the Patriotic releases this season. I hope you have enjoyed them all!

This patriotic pattern is a super quick stitch. It is just right for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, the 4th of July, or as part of a year-round Americana display. The full text of the design reads "United We Stand." It is embellished with stars, hearts, flowers and leaves, doves carrying flowers in their beaks, and swirly graphic elements.

As stitched, this design uses shades of red, pink, white, blue, yellow, green and white.

PATTERN DETAILS: This design suggests threads from DMC and uses whole stitches only. The model was stitched on 28ct. Wheat Lugana using 2 ply thread. The stitch count is 85w x 85h and measures approximately 6"h x 6"w when stitched on 28 count/equivalent.

FABRIC TIP: When choosing fabric, make sure you choose one that is dark enough to make the white threads stand out. I suggest mid tones.


RECREATE THE LOOK: Before I start with the directions, please know that I'm assuming you have either watched my 3 part class on how I do mounted flats, or that you are a fluent crafter. If these directions DO make sense to you, you probably don't need to watch the tutorials. If they DON'T make sense and you'd like to try to make a mounted flat yourself, you can find the videos here.

I cut 4 pieces of backing board with my rotary cutter.

The smallest board (I'll call it #1) was for me to mount behind the cross stitched piece. It was cut with 1/2" margins around the largest part of the design. The second smallest (I'll call it #2) was cut to have a 1/2" margin around #1. l wrapped that one in red and white fabric. I don't have a source for that fabric because I pulled it from my stash, but I think any red and white fabric would look super cute. Ticking? Stars? Something red and more textural? Yes, please! I don't think you can go wrong with red and white on that layer. The 2 largest pieces of backing board were identical and were cut with 1" margins around #2. (I needed two so I could have one front facing and one back facing). Those boards were wrapped in navy blue fabric with white stars from Riley Blake Celebrate America.

I used Aleens Tacky Glue to adhere batting to the face of the smallest board (piece #1) before gluing on my finished cross stitch piece. For the other pieces--I didn't use batting. I just cut the fabric with 1" margins (approximately ;)) and glued the fabric directly onto the boards with Aleens Tacky Glue.

I used six lengths of the full six strand DMC White floss to make the thickness of the cording before using hot glue to adhere that onto the edge of my piece. (My explanation of how to make cording using DMC thread and a Kreinik Corder is found here.)

Once the cording was glued onto the piece and the fabric was on all the boards, I started assembling everything. First, I hot glued the large navy--wrapped-boards wrong sides together so I had a front and a back. Next, I centered the board with red stripes on top of the blue boards and hot glued that in place. Last, I centered and hot glued my cross stitch piece on top of the red and white board. Stacked together, they looked like this.

I set those aside while I worked on the bow. For the bow, I used 2 types of ribbon. Both were Offray brand, and both were found in the craft section at Walmart. The blue and white ribbon was 1.5" wire-edged and the navy blue ribbon was 5/8" grosgrain.

I made two "tail" pieces from 8" segments of the blue and white ribbon and glued them at their center pleats to make the base of my bow. (That will make sense if you've watched my tutorial on bows, found here) I used my "awareness ribbon" method from the video to make the navy blue bow out of a 14" segment of navy blue grosgrain. I stacked the navy blue bow on top of the blue gingham pieces.

The blue gingham ribbon was soooo super thin that even with two tail pieces glued together at the center, they weren't substantive enough to play nice in a stack. I was having a hard time getting the navy blue bow to lay correctly. So...I used some floral wire to tie the bow layers together instead.

I clipped the edges of the blue gingham ribbon pieces to an inverted V before sealing the cut ends with Fray Check.

I also clipped navy ribbon ends straight up toward the bow like I demonstrate in the bow tutorial, and then sealed those ends with fray check.

For the bow centerpiece, I pulled some red and white polka dot fabric from my stash and used it to make a rolled rosette. A tutorial on how to make a rosette out of ribbon can be found here. I hot glued the rosette right over the top of that floral wire. Once I was happy with how the bow looked, I glued it over the cording seam on my cross stitched piece and used a few well placed TEENY dabs of hot glue to hold the ribbon tails underneath where I wanted them to stay. I trimmed a few pieces from a red seasonal berry pick (Walmart) using a wire cutter and then glued those underneath the base of the bow where the ends wouldn't be seen.

This was the result!

Flatfolds like this are easel-ready, or you can add hangers on the back if you want to put them on your wall. Sometimes I will omit the second fabric wrapped board on the back so that the back is "raw", and then I glue everything onto a piece from Jilli-Bean Soup. So many possibilites! I hope all of this makes sense. If you get stuck or need any help at all, please dont hesitate to reach out to me at Happy Stitching!

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