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Cherry Hill Stitchery currently offers two separate lines of cross-stitch patterns: .PDF patterns and paper patterns.

.PDF cross-stitch patterns These are available to purchase as .PDFs in the Cherry Hill Stitchery Etsy shop. Cherry Hill Stitchery also has resale agreements with Anabellas, Needlecase Goodies, Fat Quarter Shop, and the Silk app to carry these patterns. Patterns in this line are only available in .PDF format.

Paper cross-stitch patterns These are available exclusively through shops and are not available in .PDF format. This line was added in 2022 at the request of stitchers who prefer a paper format, and at the request of shops who work with paper patterns. Many of you have questions related the addition of paper cross-stitch patterns. Answers to the most common questions can be found below.

1.) Where can I get paper cross-stitch patterns? The answer depends on if you are a retail customer (a stitcher) or a wholesale customer (a shop).

  • Stitchers (retail customers) can order from their favorite needlework shop. Paper patterns must be purchased through a shop and cannot be bought directly from Cherry Hill Stitchery. If your favorite shop does not carry the pattern you are looking for, don't be afraid to ask them to order it in for you! Most are quite happy to do so. If you do not have a local shop, never fear! Online shops will mail patterns to your door.

  • Shops (wholesale customers) can order via Dinky Dyes. Paper patterns are not sold in the Etsy shop and cannot be purchased directly from Cherry Hill Stitchery. Shops must contact Dinky Dyes for wholesale orders.

2.) Are you getting rid of .PDF cross-stitch patterns? No. I am just adding a paper cross-stitch pattern line, too!

3.) Will the .PDF cross-stitch patterns in the Etsy Shop be released as physical copies? No. This would require extensive formatting changes that would be quite time consuming and would also necessitate a pricing change. If a cross-stitch pattern was released as a .PDF, it will stay a .PDF, and you'll still be able to buy it in the Etsy shop and from our existing authorized .PDF resellers.

4.) Will the paper cross-stitch patterns be released as .PDF patterns? No. This is to protect the investment shops are making in our paper pattern line. 5.) Will there ever be more .PDF-only cross-stitch patterns released? Yes. Cherry Hill Stitchery will continue to release .PDF-only patterns for those of you who prefer that format. .PDF patterns will be sold in the Cherry Hill Stitchery Etsy Shop ( and through shops who have made arrangements to sell CHS .PDF patterns.

6.) Will you sell physical cross-stitch patterns to stitchers in your Etsy shop? No. The Etsy shop is for .PDF patterns only. 7.) Can shops buy paper cross-stitch patterns directly from Cherry Hill Stitchery? No. Shops need to contact Dinky Dyes (our distributor) for wholesale purchases. 8.) What about the shops that carry your .PDF files? Fat Quarter Shop, Needlecase Goodies, Anabella's, and Silk all have arrangements with Cherry Hill Stitchery to carry .PDF cross-stitch patterns. There are no plans to discontinue those arrangements at this time. They can continue to offer Cherry Hill Stitchery .PDF patterns to their customers.

9.) How will I know which cross-stitch patterns are .PDF patterns and which cross-stitch patterns are physical patterns?

  • If it is in the Etsy shop, it is .PDF only.

  • You can view all the paper patterns currently available for shops to order through Dinky Dyes by clicking here.

  • Read those item descriptions and new release announcements! On social media, the paper/.PDF format will be listed in the caption on the post. On this website, paper or .PDF will be listed next to the title of the design when it is announced.

  • Anything released after January 2022 will include information specifying if the pattern is a paper pattern (available through shops) or .PDF pattern (available in the Etsy shop or through authorized .PDF resellers.)

10.) When will paper cross-stitch patterns be available for shops to order? The first release was available for shops to order from Dinky Dyes in January 2022. Additional patterns will be added as they are released, so watch for announcements on the Cherry Hill Stitchery home page, on Instagram, and on the Cherry Hill Stitchery Facebook page! ***Remember, paper patterns will be new releases. There are no plans to re-release existing .PDF patterns as paper patterns.

11.) I want to stitch a Cherry Hill Stitchery cross-stitch pattern from the paper pattern line, but I can't find a shop that carries it. If you are a stitcher and are having a difficult time locating a pattern from the paper line, reach out to your favorite online or local shop. If they sell other cross-stitch patterns, there is a very good chance they can order a Cherry Hill Stitchery pattern in for you. Most are happy to do so! ***Don't forget that patterns you see in the Etsy shop cannot be ordered in paper format. Patterns that are available through shops can be viewed at Dinky Dyes. In summary, Cherry Hill Stitchery is continuing its existing .PDF cross-stitch pattern line but is also adding a separate paper pattern line for stitchers who prefer that format. They are being treating as two separate product families. PDF patterns are still available where you are used to finding them, but now there will be additional paper patterns that any shop can carry as well! The first pattern that was available in paper format was Be Mine, Valentine.

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask! Email


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