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Flowers were blooming at Nashville Needlework Market this year with the release of Market Bouquet, Freshly Picked, and Flower Market! All three patterns come in paper format (only) and can be ordered through your favorite local or online needlework shop.

First up, we have Market Bouquet.

This design features an arrangement of flowers in an urn that is flanked with little rosettes and graphic elements. Tiny butterflies are in flight around the blossoms. Shades of red, green, black, and white make up the palette.

Next comes Freshly Picked.

This pattern features more flowers, rosettes, and graphic elements. Butterflies are in flight here as well, and the text reads simply, "Freshly Picked." The word "Freshly" is printed on a banner. This design also uses the same palette of red, green, black, and white, with the addition of a second shade of off-white for the folded tails on the banner. Fun Fact: My model stitcher moved her stitches around in the fill area on the flowers to create the shading you see; it is charted as a solid color. She used the exact same shade of variegated floss that is used for the flowers in the other models. The only difference is the direction she stitched. There are definitely lots of ways to make a piece your own when you are stitching with variegated colors!

Last, we have Flower Market.

It is stitched in the same palette of reds, greens, white, and black as the other patterns in this set, minus the second shade of off-white that is found in Freshly Picked. The text on this design reads, "Flower Market." ...And this is how they look displayed all together on my tiered tray:


  • All of the models were stitched on 32 ct. Raw Natural Belfast linen (from Zweigart) using 2 ply thread.

  • The stitch count for Market Bouquet is 80h x 49w, which is approx. 4 5/8"h x 3"w on fabric that is16ct/equivalent.

  • The stitch count for Freshly Picked is 66h x 75w, which is approx. 4"h x 4 1/2"w on fabric that is 16ct/equivalent.

  • The stitch count for Flower Market is 75h x 67w, which is approx. 4 1/2"h x 4 1/8"w on 16ct/equivalent.

  • There are only whole stitches in these designs. (Whole stitches = beginner friendly and Aida friendly!)

  • The models were stitched with DMC, Classic Colorworks, and Weeks Dye Works floss. However, a DMC equivalent is provided for the specialty fibers.

  • This year for market, I did something new and also charted a Dinky Dyes silk floss conversion for those of you who prefer silks.

  • As always, the patterns include both a traditional black/white symbol page as well as a color page, so you can choose to stitch from the format that works best for you.

  • Since these are paper patterns, they need to be purchased through online or local needlework shops.

  • Shops, please reach out to Dinky Dyes with your wholesale orders.


  • Finish Fabric: The black and white check is Chelsea's Checks by Chelsea Carter of Stitching with the Housewives for Henry Glass Fabrics. The SKU is 9700-9.

  • Cording: The cording I used on all designs was made with seven lengths of 6 ply B5200 DMC floss. I spun it with my Kreinik custom cording drill, but you can buy white cording in many craft stores. This cording from Merchant 41 at Hobby Lobby is a great alternative if you don't want to spin your own. (The SKU is 829341)

  • Bow: The red ribbon for the large bow on all 3 designs came from 5thStreetStudio on Etsy. It is a 1.5" royal burlap ribbon, SKU RG127805. The smaller white bow is made from a 3/8" double-sided satin ribbon. This particular spool came out of a multi-pack from Hobby Lobby (SKU 1760537), but you can find 3/8" white ribbon pretty much anywhere that has a ribbon aisle.

  • Buttons: The buttons are size 36 covered buttons from Dritz. (Size 36 = 7/8") I used a scrap of ancient green damask fabric from my stash to cover them, so I don't have a SKU for that item to share.

The materials listed above are unique to this piece. The foundational supplies (the board, glue, batting, etc.-- stuff you can't see) are the same no matter what I am finishing, so I buy those in bulk and keep them on hand. I list what those materials are on my Tools and Organization page.

One more time, here they all are:

Market Bouquet

Freshly Picked

...and Flower Market


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